After Tragedy, Community Lifts Logan Family

Posted at: 05/10/2013 6:46 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It's often said that you cannot put a price on friendship and support. A local family knows how valuable both are.

"Definitely a happy day, yes absolutely, and to feel the love of everyone here is awesome,” said Matt Logan.

Happy days are few and far between for the Logan family. Their oldest daughter, D.J. was texting and driving when she ran into a school bus and died on the first day of school. Six months later, their family business burned to the ground.

But one nail at a time, hope can slowly be rebuilt.

"You kind of move forward with things, the world continues to turn. With something like this that happened to us, we don't want it to, but it does,” said Matt.

Local contractors are donating their time to finish a project the Logan family had started before D.J.’s crash.

"It's just an amazing way for everybody to give their time to really encourage them and show them that we do care and we want only the best for them in the future here and this is a way for them to carry on,” said Craig Connelly, friend of the Logan family.

Craig and other community members are working with Great Deeds - a non-profit that means a lot to the Logan family.

The addition to the house will be home to D.J.’s grandparents once it's finished. What started as just a foundation and roof, has quickly transformed in just a week's time.

"He finally said Pam, I look around and there's hope. He said these people who have been volunteering their services and materials and coming to bless me like this, he says there's hope,” said Pam Hermann, Matt’s Aunt and Chairman of Great Deeds.

"She gave every day. Whether it was just her smile or advice or whatever. But, to see the people here giving like she gave would just completely warm her heart,” said Matt.

They hope to have D.J.’s grandparents, Nancy and Tim, moved into the new addition by the end of the month. Nancy tells us she's not too fond of painting and so D.J. had helped her pick out wall colors last summer. Of course, that means the bedroom will be painted purple, D.J.’s favorite color.