Zombie Apocalypse

Posted at: 05/11/2013 10:54 PM

A zombie apocalypse causing a mass pandemic. It’s an unlikely scenario, but one that Mayo Medical School students and area Boy and Girl scouts trained for Saturday.


Cuts on her face and blue marks, Emily Whitcomb is in stage two of the zombie pandemic. But her brother is much worse.


"When he passed, I became hysterical and depressed,” said Whitcomb.


Screaming and frantically searching for her brother, emotions feeling so real, the entire drill meant to feel just that.


"The theory is so different from the practice and that's one of the hardest translations I think for medical students so opportunities even like this one are exactly what we need."


First running to help the infected, bringing them for treatment, and even transporting them to a Medevac. Participants of the drill, preparing for a disaster situation that could happen at any moment.


"Preparation, training is the key. My team, when we were in Iraq, we were essentially on call 24/7. Thank god we didn't have day after day casualties, but we always had to be ready. That's the same for law enforcement, first responders, police, you always have to be ready,” said Colonel Walter Franz.



"Even if you have a dozen of these types of simulations. The real thing will always be different, but the more chances that you have to interact with people who are even pretending to be panicked and not necessarily all the time in the world to answer multiple choice question it really gives the sense of what would I do in this situation,” said Amelia Vanhandel.


A group of strangers working together to save lives.


"You have to be able to work on, how do you go bring people into your time, even though it's a drill. How do you explain to them, here’s what we're gonna do and here's how we're gonna carry it out,” said Franz.


So if a zombie apocalypse ever does happen, Emily, and everyone else at Saturday’s drill, will know just what to do.


Mayo Clinic physicians and emergency personnel, City of Rochester emergency management personnel, and Riverland Community College students were also at the drill.