Noah Crooks Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder

Posted at: 05/13/2013 11:47 AM
Updated at: 05/13/2013 6:45 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It took nearly 19 hours of deliberations over three days. On Monday afternoon, a jury found Noah Crooks guilty.

“The boy is mentally ill, and that’s a component for second degree murder and the jury obviously agreed,” said defense attorney William Kutmus.

Noah crooks was charged with first degree or pre-meditated murder in the shooting death of his mother Gretchen at the family home near Osage in march of last year. He had pleaded “not guilty by reason of mental illness”.

“If I was speculating  would say it’s a compromise verdict,” said prosecuting attorney Mark Walk. “My best guess is there were probably some people who wanted not guilty by reason of insanity, and others who wanted first degree.”

The jury found Crooks not guilty of attempting to sexually assault his mother after shooting her.

“They held that there was a diminished capacity because of his mental illness,” defense attorney William Kutmus explained.

Because Noah Crooks was tried as a youthful offender, his case now goes back to juvenile court. He will remain in custody under that jurisdiction until he turns 18.

At that time, the court will evaluate him and determine whether he should be released from custody or continue to be held, and for how long.

“No one knows right now what’s going to happen when he turns 18,” said prosecutor Mark Walk.