Get Fit: Jim Gets A Personal Trainer

Posted at: 05/14/2013 7:41 AM

Ever since we re-launched our Get Fit segments, Ellery, Jim, & Kenny have done some intense workouts.

We’ve also brought you success stories of people who turned their lives completely around. So Jim thought he’d change up his workout routine a little bit, by going to the Austin Y and hiring a personal trainer. Over the next several months, Jim and his trainer, Kristi Stasi will be hitting the gym, bringing you the pros of working out with a trainer, and a few exercises you can do.

"Ok, so I have my trainer hired, I did my evaluation, now are we going right into the workout?" asked Jim Peterson.

"Yes we are. We're going to go right into the workout. So today, what we'll do is, we are going to want to focus on different muscle groups. Today, I'll have you focus on your chest, your back, your bi's, and your tri's, " said Personal Trainer Kristi Stasi.

For each workout, Jim will be doing three sets of 12 reps.

 “9, 10, 11, 12.  6, two more, 7, & 8. Good job! You’re done with that part of it, “ said Stasi.

Next up, the biceps and triceps. But there’s one exercise that had Jim a little nervous, the skull crusher.

Once Jim finished those off, he was really starting to feel the burn, and sweating, just a little.

“I think Ralph Wigam said “it tastes like burning”, well I feel like burning right now. But I feel really good. I need to get a little water, I’ve got a little leak from the top there, “ said Peterson.

The final workout in this routine focuses on the upper back. They are the single and bent row. A good tip I learned while doing both of these rowing exercises, is to focus on the muscle group you are working out. In other words, imagine pinching something between your shoulder blades. And after a good 45 minutes, Jim was finally done!

"8, 9, 10, 11, 12. You're done bud, you're done! Nice job! We did chest, tri's, bi's, and upper back. And a little cardio, " said Stasi.

"What are we doing next time?" asked Peterson.

"Next time, we'll do a little more cardio, more interval training, and focus on lats, maybe do a little ab work," said Stasi.

"Oh boy! I thought this one was tough, that one sounds pretty tough, doesn't it," said Peterson.

"You'll be just fine," said Stasi.

"Alright, so stay tuned to Get Fit, Kristi and myself will be in the gym over the next several weeks, and teaching you more things to do. If you want a personal trainer, head over to your local Y, at the info desk, be sure to ask! Until next time, we're getting fit!" said Peterson.