Christian Rosenow

Posted at: 05/15/2013 10:49 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Christian Rosenow's senior baseball season might be short, but he's wasting no time making a mark.

"He's a quality individual but he's also really developed as a ball player," said Mayo head coach Dan Hoefs. "I think right now he's hitting about .500 and he's just tearing the cover off the ball."

As the Spartans leadoff man, he sets the tempo of a game. It's always a plus when that tempo is a leadoff home run in a big conference game.

"I got down in the at-bat, got to a two-strike count, and I was just thinking if it's close I've got to swing at it," the senior explained. "The pitcher left one up and I turned on it, hit it off the Pepsi sign. It felt good off the bat so I knew it was gone."

The Spartans beat Owatonna in that game, and are contending in the Big 9 this year. If Christian has his way, they'll keep on rolling.

"Hopefully we make it to state. I know we have a good chance. A lot of the teams are right in our leage," said Rosenow.

And it's not just his hitting and diving catches in the outfield that makes Christian a great ballplayer. It's the way he approaches the game.
"Christian is a pretty serious young man but yet he's also out here to have fun," said Hoefs. "He understands what baseball is in the scope of life and all that, but he also knows when he steps between the white lines, it's time to play."