Cori Kennedy

Posted at: 05/15/2013 10:50 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- There's hot, and then there's Cori Kennedy hot.

"Earlier this season, the hits were okay, but it really started clicking in the past week or so," Kennedy said.

Pitchers be on alert.  The Kasson catcher is deadly in her first at-bat.

Last week, a grand slam in the first.  Yesterday, a two-run bomb.

"She's been hitting good pitches, and I think her pitch selection has been wonderful," Komets head coach Jeff Fague said. "She's a clutch hitter.  Only stuck out three times all year, which means she's putting the ball in play and when you hit it hard, good things happen."

Last week, Kennedy drove in seven in one game, and the RBIs are starting to pile up.

"Her hitting has improved immensely this year.  She had 30 RBIs to lead the team last year, and she's already at 27 this year," Fague said.

Of course, she's no slouch behind the plate, either, and she has a great rapport with ace pitcher Maddie Damon.

"We live a mile away from each other, and we're pretty good friends," Kennedy said.  "A good catcher and a good pitcher know when we come together, we can work on things and get better together."

"I stress communication, and her and Maddie have been communicating much better this year," Fague said.  "And she's a team leader."

Kennedy hopes to lead the Komets back to state, and after handing Zumbrota-Mazeppa their first loss on Monday (Kennedy drove in the game's only run, by the way), things are looking *pretty* good in Komet country.

"We have big goals this year, and we know we have the opportunity, so we're going to take our team and make it happen," Kennedy said.