Gas Price Reaches Record Average in Minnesota

Posted at: 05/16/2013 6:48 PM
Updated at: 05/16/2013 6:49 PM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Gas prices all over Minnesota have spiked higher than four dollars. The previous record was set at $3.99 back in 2008.

In Rochester gas prices haven't quite spiked like other parts of the state.

Drivers still are cringing as their the total adds up.

"Not again," said Mary Chambers-Waslager.

With prices nearing or topping the four dollar mark it's especially frustrating.

"It's sad because you can't go and do as many things with gas prices getting this high," said Chambers-Waslager.

For some the hike in price is even harder to take.

"Yea, I commute back and forth from here to Moorhead," said Josh May.

May who watched the total climb to nearly one hundred dollars to fill his truck, has one question.

"I would like to know why," said May.

With a $4.14 per gallon average Minnesota is sitting at number two in the nation for highest gas prices. Only behind Hawaii. In Rochester and Austin the average price is at $3.97 while in the Twin Cities it's sitting well over four dollars.

"It's not because of memorial day I can tell you that, but there's a few different things going on here," said petroleum analyst Patrick DeHaan.

DeHaan is with GasBuddy.com, he says the record prices have to do with supply loss from regional refineries.

"A refinery in Tulsa went down for planned  maintenance that's adding to the pressure, and then last night another refinery went down unexpectedly," said DeHaan.

But why are Minnesota's gas prices so much higher than even our surrounding states?

"Other states don't have to use the cleaner type of gas that Minnesota does, like South Dakota isn't required to use it, but bigger cities are," said DeHaan.

And if you think paying four dollars per gallon is bad, gas prices are expected to rise even more before the hike is over.

"I guess I’ll work harder and make more money, we don't really have any other options," said May.

While DeHaan said these prices should last another week or so, he said they should come down after memorial day. So hopefully they won't affect too many summer travel plans.