Austin Store One of Minnesota's Luckiest for Lotto Wins

Posted at: 05/17/2013 4:55 PM
By: James Wilcox

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The Minnesota lottery has given ABC 6 News a list of the state's luckiest stores for lottery wins, and an Ankeny's Mini Mart in Austin comes in at number four.

Between July and April, the Ankeny's at 1205 Oakland Place Southeast sold twelve winning lottery tickets worth 600 dollars or more. That includes games like Powerball, Mega Millions, and scratch-offs.

Below is a list of the other top stores. The only other one in our area is in Winona. The Powerball drawing Saturday is worth a record $600 million. Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot is worth $190 million. 

1) MSP AIRPORT -15 winners

2) Rainbow Foods -13 winners
2919 26th Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN

3) Cub Foods-13 winners
3717 Lexington Avenue N., Arden Hills, MN

4) Ankeny's Mini Mart-12 winners
Austin, MN

5) Marathon Mini-Mart - 12 winners
3259 Stinson Blvd NE., St. Anthony, MN

6) M & H Gas - 12 winners
721 Arcade, St. Paul, MN

7) Cub Foods - 12 winners
1440 University Avenue W., St. Paul, MN

8) Orton's Moorhead Food - 11 winners
Moorhead, MN

9) Quick Trip - 11 winners
770 East Broadway St., Winona, MN

10) Cub Foods - 11 winners
2345 Co. 10, Brooklyn Center, MN

11) Super America - 11 winners
1285 S. Robert West, St. Paul, MN