Special Report: Chris Frisch Jailhouse Interview Part 2

Posted at: 05/21/2013 7:01 PM
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Chris Frisch is the drunk driver who killed five people in a car accident just south of Rochester four years ago. In part two of an ABC 6 News exclusive interview, we sit down with Rita Seha. She is the sole survivor of the van that Chris hit. Rita is missing five of her closest family and friends, all because Chris Frisch was driving a car drunk.

Chris is behind bars, but what surprised us the most is the fact that he and Rita have developed a very close friendship.

When Rita's son, Corey, got married last month, it was naturally a happy family occasion. But there are five very important people missing from the family photos.

"In one of the pictures, it's Corey, his dad, and Heidi's dad, and myself. And the sun is shining through the clouds. It's like the lights of heaven shining down on us," said Rita.

Rita's fiance, two of her kids, her grandson, and a close family friend were all killed by a drunk driver four years ago.

"It seems like the last two years have been even harder. The hardest parts are the holidays, their birthdays, every day I wake up and don't ever go through an hour of a day without thinking of one of them," said Rita.

All of them are gone, and all because of the decision to drink and drive. A decision made by Chris Frisch, who has been behind bars since 2010. But even so, Rita says she has found it in her heart to forgive Chris.

"Christopher didn't set out that day to kill my family, just like I didn't set out to have my family in a certain spot at a certain time," said Rita.

Not only has Rita forgiven Chris, the two also write letters back and forth. And a year ago, she even went to visit him in prison.

"I never asked why. I never asked questions about the accident. We talked about each other. What it was like growing up, and just got to know each other," said Rita.

"I don't really know how to describe it really. It's special. She's just a great person," said Chris.

It's not just Chris. Rita has also developed a very special bond with his mother, Bobbi.

"We're really close. She's been one of my friends I've turned to when I'm in sorrow, and hurting. Eleven o'clock at night, five in the morning. She's been there for me, I've been there for her," said Rita.   

"I just think that she's so amazing. I just love her. I do. She's like a sister. I've never had sisters, but I do now," said Bobbi.

Earlier this spring, Rita even stood up for Bobbi at her wedding. 

"Rita! First person who came into my mind who to have stand up for me. When I called right away, and she says "i'll be there" and i was so thrilled. It's like, oh my gosh, I just love our relationship," said Bobbi.

As for Chris, the man who killed her family, Rita says she only hopes to strengthen their relationship as they move forward from that tragic night four years ago.

"You know, she doesn't have a lot of her family anymore, and she wants to include me in that, which is pretty big," said Chris.

"He did something wrong. He's paying for his time with the law, but he pays for the rest of his life like I do. Surviving it," said Rita.

When Chris is released from prison, he plans on helping Rita get the message out about drunk driving by going with her to speaking events. In the meantime, both say they hope to continue to grow their relationship.