More Soggy Weather, Flooding Concerns

Posted at: 05/27/2013 9:30 PM
Updated at: 05/27/2013 9:36 PM

We're smack dab in the middle of another active stretch.  Rain has been prominent during the last few overnights and some during the day as well.  The local area has seen as little as 1" of rain north of US 14 to as much as 4" in parts of north Iowa.  Here's radar estimates for the last 72 hours from the National Weather Service - Des Moines.

It could be worse.  Several rounds of persistent, heavy rain has caused several areas of flash flooding from Sioux Falls, SD to Burlington, IA, leaving much of Iowa under water.  It is estimated by radar that a few places have seen 7 to as much as 10" of rain in the last three days.

So we've missed out... so far.

Flooding concerns are still present as we still deal with rain for the next five days.

A warm front lifting northward by Wednesday, and then staying in close proximity to the local area will be the focus for heavy rain and strong thunderstorms too.  The Weather Prediction Center estimates the area could see another 2-3" of widespread rainfall through Saturday.  Of course there will be isolated spots that see more due to multiple thunderstorms.  Those are the areas we'll be concerned with.  At this point, the highest likelihood of flooding locally remains in north Iowa.  We'll be closely monitoring.

And look at Iowa... another 5-6" is possible.  Widespread flooding from NE Iowa to SE Iowa looks to continue with amounts in the forecast.  If travels take you south, be sure to plan ahead and check road conditions before heading out.  Also, if you come up on a water covered roadway, do not drive through it.

Another concern will be severe weather, especially on Wednesday as it looks like we'll see some clearing to destabilize the atmosphere.  Main threats will consist of high wind, hail and heavy rain.  Of course, this is conditional on seeing some sunshine, which has been nonexistent for the last three days now.

It looks like we'll finally rid ourselves of this system by Saturday evening but only after likely propelling SE Minnesota somewhere around it's 5th wettest month ever! (that's out of every month for the last 130 years).  As it currently sits, with nearly 9.5" of rain/snow melt this month, this May is the wettest May ever and 10th wettest month ever.

Storm Tracker 6 Chief Meteorologist
Chris Kuball