Get Fit: Motivation "Just Clicked" for Albert Lea Man

Posted at: 05/28/2013 7:41 AM
By: Ellery McCardle

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- When it comes to weight loss, for some people, it just clicks. One day they get off the couch and completely change their exercise and eating habits. That was the case for an Albert Lea man.

He knew he was overweight, so he made changes that appear to be paying off.

Mike Johnson looks tired. That's alright because he won't stay that way for long.

"I feel great...my energy level is through the roof," said Johnson.

That mostly comes after his workouts. Mike is a regular now at a boot camp class at the Albert Lea Y.

"[It] really makes you work hard and I love it. It just pushes you to do stuff you didn't think you could do," said Johnson.

The other two days, that motivation comes from himself.

"There are days when I don't want to get off the couch," said Johnson.

For the past four months, Mike has been doing these workouts.

Over and over again. That, and eating healthier. He's now about 40 pounds lighter.

"It's day and night. My potbelly was hanging out. I always thought 'okay I'm not that bad' but then you look at it and its like 'oh my gosh it was bad,'" said Johnson.

Knowing he was overweight and having a young son was enough motivation for Mike to make a change.

"You don't want a dad that just sits and watches TV. Kids just want to run and play and I want to be able to do that with him," said Johnson.

Mike isn't done with the jumping jacks and pushups yet. He wants to drop 15 more pounds. It's a goal not just for himself.

"I just want to keep up this lifestyle for me and my family so I'm around a lot longer and I can contribute more," said Johnson.