Oak Park Mall Could Be Turned Over to the County

Posted at: 06/12/2013 9:46 PM
Updated at: 06/12/2013 9:48 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- Time may be running out for the owners of the Oak Park Mall in Austin.

The owners of the mall owe roughly $378,000 in property taxes and if they don't pay by June 30th, the mall will become property of the county.

Discussions with the county and the mall's owners have broken down recently.

The county has already started contacting tenants in the mall to make the transition as smooth as possible if the building is indeed forfeited.

"They will be able to remain in business, we don't want to put anybody out of business. But our main concern then would be to sell the business, or building as soon as we could," Said Mower County Commissioner Chair Jerry Reinartz.

The Oak Park Mall is valued at over $2 million dollars.