June 12th Severe Weather Recap

Posted at: 06/13/2013 7:19 PM
Updated at: 06/13/2013 9:21 PM

Severe storms rumbled through parts of the area Wednesday evening.  Leading up to the event, a "High Risk" for severe weather was issued by the Storm Prediction Center for portions of Illinois and Indiana.  High Risk events are rare and this was the first instance of one in over a year in all of the US.

Thunderstorms began firing around 2pm with the first signs of severe weather arriving around 4pm.  Tornadoes were first observed with supercell thunderstorms a couple miles south of the ABC 6 News local area in Wright and Franklin counties.

Five tornadoes have been confirmed by the National Weather Service in Wright and Franklin counties.

Belmond Tornado #1 (shown below): EF3

Belmond Tornado #2: EF0

Alexander to Latimer Tornado: EF2

Near Hampton, IA, this video of twin tornadoes was observed.

Hampton Tornado #1: EF1

Hampton Tornado #2: EF0

Around 5 PM another severe thunderstorm developed over NE Faribault county and trekked SE through Freeborn county producing golf ball size hail near Freeborn and Alden, even Baseball size hail was reported in Wells.

Wells also sustained a substantial amount of damage from strong winds downing several trees and causing damage so some buildings throughout town.

Multiple rounds of heavy rain fell in spots too.  Estimations of 1-4" of rain fell in parts of Freeborn county and many locations in Iowa.  In the image below, radar estimations of 2-4" are noted in the yellow to red shading.

This rainfall lead to multiple streets/roads becoming washed out or impassible during high water due to drains/culverts not being able to handle the massive amount of water.  Widespread closures were observed in Worth County.  Even a water rescue needed to be performed for a truck that had become submerged in water in that county.

Along Main Street in Albert Lea...

In Worth County in Iowa...

A look at more pictures can be found here.

Southeast Minnesota and northern Iowa weren't the only ones dealing with severe weather Wednesday night and Thursday.  This same storm system caused damage all the way to the Atlantic coast.

Here's a look at the storm reports from the local area.

Here's an interactive look at all the local storm reports published by the National Weather Service.

Storm Tracker 6 Chief Metorologist
Chris Kuball