Crews Continue to Fix Flood Damage in North Iowa

Posted at: 06/16/2013 10:41 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 News)-- Many people spent the day outdoors, enjoying the beautiful weather. But just three weeks ago, it was a totally different story for those in Northeast Iowa. Flooding took over most towns in the Mitchell county area.

The Good news is water is no longer the issue, but there is still work to be done.

"Today with the sun shining the way it is, it's kind of hard to imagine how it was a couple of weeks ago," said Bob Mayor of Stacyville.

Mowing the lawn on a beautiful Sunday afternoon isn't something Bob Mayor takes for granted, because three weeks ago, his backyard was underwater.

"The water line was here and it was just barely so you could see underneath the bridge," said Mayor.

On the other side of the Little Cedar River in Stacyville, is Riverside Park. A place that would normally be packed on a holiday weekend, but remains closed because of flood damage.

"It probably won't dry out all summer," said Mayor.

The main roads in Stacyville has been drivable for a while now, but there are a few side roads that need repairs.

"There's been some roads that have been a lot of washout, but there secondary roads and state are doing a great job of getting them back as quickly as possible," said Ray Huftalin, Emergency Management Coordinator for Mitchell and Worth County.

Of more concern is Highway 9 West of Osage. The main road is still closed after the bridge buckled because of water. This situation has those who live right next to the construction hoping for more good weather.

"The process has been very fast, they're ahead of schedule and so if we don't have no rain days they're going to be done before the deadline," said Travis Barclay of Osage.

Overall, Emergency Management says the progress is huge compared to what many roads looked like a few weeks ago. Many are hoping to have more weather like this, so the rest of storm damage clean up can be as quick as possible.

Crews are working to put culverts in this week on Highway 9 in Osage and they hope to have the road open by the end of next month. Emergency Management says Highway 105 in St. Ansgar just reopened this weekend.