Mpls. Father Sentenced in Connection to Son's Death

Posted at: 06/27/2013 7:14 AM
Updated at: 06/28/2013 7:45 AM
By: Jennie Olson

A Minneapolis father whose four-year-old son shot and killed his younger brother with a gun left under a pillow learned his fate Thursday.

Even though Kao Xiong didn’t pull the trigger, a jury convicted him for his son’s death. Xiong was sentenced to 10 years of probation, 100 hours of community service, 100 hours of service in the Sentencing to Service program, and 30 days in jail already served.

Back in December, Xiong’s four-year-old son got a hold of a loaded gun that didn’t have a working safety on it. Xiong had hidden the gun under a bedroom pillow where that little boy found it and accidentally shot and killed his two-year-old brother.

The case is a tragedy for everyone involved, and one that Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman says could have been prevented.

A jury found Xiong guilty of second-degree manslaughter and child endangerment. When the guilty verdict was read last month, several of Xiong’s family members were crying hysterically and were visibly emotional over their loved one’s conviction.

This isn’t the only recent case of a Twin Cities father being convicted for failing to keep a loaded gun out of his child’s hands. Jacob Xiong, no relation to Kao Xiong, was found guilty back in December on child endangerment charges.

His two-year-old son was shot by his older brother at a St. Paul home. He survived, and Jacob Xiong was not sentenced to time in prison. Instead, a judge gave him two years’ probation and ordered he speak to the Hmong community about understanding gun safety.