State of Emergency in Fillmore County

Posted at: 06/27/2013 6:43 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

Flooding this past week has led to a state of emergency in Fillmore County. Damage there, and in Houston county into the millions of dollars.

"We just returned from a tour of the damages and across the east side of the county, we're seeing a lot of road washing and a lot of terrible conditions of the roads, deep gullies that people should be very much aware of," said Fillmore County Coordinator Karen Brown.

Fillmore County Coordinator Karen Brown says the final damage assessment is almost complete.

"The next step is for the effected communities to meet the state threshold to get federal assistance," said Brown.

Karen says counties impacted by the storm will likely meet the more than 7 million dollar threshold for federal aid. The situation is worse in Houston county, where damage estimates are at 6 million, but both counties need the help repairing public infrastructure.

"Unfortunately there's also damage to homes, but the damage is not wide spread enough to meet that threshold," said Brown.

People with property damage are being referred to the Red Cross or their individual insurance companies. The county is doing everything possible to help homeowners clean up.

"So far we've gotten flood clean up kits out to people, so they can properly clean their homes with some instructions on how to deal with and prevent mold from becoming a problem," said Brenda Pohlman, Fillmore County Public Health.

"There is a lot of potential there for illness if people don't get in and clean that up right away," said Pohlman.

Many people drying out their homes and valuables with the hope that the sun stays out for several more days.

"We're counting the days, what is it 2 days now without rain, yes!" said Brown.

County officials are also urging residents with private wells to test your water for bacteria if you have flood water within 50 feet of your well.