Fire Damages Farm Building Near Blooming Prairie

Posted at: 06/27/2013 7:23 PM
Updated at: 06/27/2013 7:26 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- A Steele County family is assessing the damage after fire damaged an out-building this morning.

And it points out one of the potential dangers that comes with a wet spring.

"We got paged for a granary fire," said Blooming prairie Fire Chief Dean Naatz

It was a call from the Dan Schewe farm, northwest of Blooming Prairie.

"When we got here flames were showing, knocked down the flames, emptied the barn of hay and basically put water on it," chief Dean Naatz told us.

On the way to the scene, the Blooming Prairie fire department called for mutual aid from Ellendale.

"We don't know if there's other structures nearby, so the extra manpower and water is nice to have in the even when you get here something else is started also," Chief dean Naatz explained.

“The land owner had bailed some hay, stacked it in, probably wasn't quite dry enough, over the course of time it warmed up, fire started. Basically the lean-to areas are the only areas that sustained heavy fire damage. the inside structure of the granary did not."

The wet spring has held down the number of grass fires this year, but that same moisture can cause other problems with baled hay.

"If it's not dry you start stacking hay the bottom of the hay pile, it does get hot and eventually you end up with spontaneous combustion and you have a fire."

Firemen remains on the scene for a couple of hours.

"No injuries,” fire chief dean Naatz said. “Could have been worse."