Hanson Honored with Bench One Year After Death

Posted at: 06/27/2013 9:58 PM
Updated at: 06/27/2013 10:23 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- Thursday marked the one year anniversary of the death of a well-known Rochester man. City Council President Dennis Hanson died unexpectedly from a brain aneurysm.

"It's been difficult. The whole week has been difficult," said Denny's wife Linda.

"It's hard to believe that he's been gone for one year," said Denny's daughter Megan.

"I really give his family a lot of credit. They really have stuck together and have supported each other through the tough time," said fellow councilmen Ed Hruska.

Community members in Rochester helped to ease that pain Thursday, unveiling a bench dedicated to Denny. That symbol now sits in the heart of city he loved. "Then to come down here and see him and see what, I mean this was his life, this town was his life. This was a perfect one year anniversary, a perfect one year anniversary for him," Linda said while starting to tear up.

"What a neat deal for us to be able to put something in the heart of downtown that reflects him and the person he was and then having a celebration in doing so," said Hruska.

The event, however, did take comical turn as Mayor Ardell Brede christened the bench with Denny’s favorite beverage. "That's so my dad!" said Megan.

"Perfect, it fits him to a T! He loved his Captain Morgan!" laughed Linda.

Denny was known for always having a good time. "He was 99.9% silly and the one percent, well he was serious when he had to be serious," said Linda.

A motto that has inspired his family and those who knew him. "Live life to the fullest because you never know when your last day is and that's how he lived it, " said Megan.

If you'd like to see the bench, it sits in downtown Rochester by the fountain in Peace Plaza.