USDA Releases Corn Crop Impact of Wet Spring

Posted at: 06/28/2013 7:35 AM

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - The U.S. Department of Agriculture is releasing an annual report that will provide the first real look at how much the wet, cool spring has damaged the corn crop.
In Iowa, the nation's leading corn state, the crop has had a tough time getting started and in some fields didn't get planted.
Just how much of an impact the weather will have will be revealed in Friday's acreage report based on field surveys and farmer interviews.
Analysts compare the results with the March prospective planting report to gauge crop season progress. That report said U.S. corn growers would plant 97.3 million acres this year, the most since 1936.
Analysts expect the weather problems to reduce the area planted in corn by 2 million to 3 million acres.

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