MN Egyptians Ponder U.S. History, Egypt's Future

Posted at: 07/04/2013 4:59 PM
Updated at: 07/05/2013 10:38 AM
By: Josh Rosenthal

You can call this July Fourth a double-dose of independence for Ahmed Eltawely.

He's the president of the Minnesota Egyptian American Society. Also, while he's from St. Paul, his parents were born in Cairo, and most of his extended family still lives in Egypt.

"That's actually a second cousin of mine," he pointed out while watching a video a relative posted on Facebook. "That young kid that was waving."

Eltawely has heard different opinions on what's happening in Egypt from Egyptian Americans in Minnesota. For him though, the scenes he's watched on television back in the states have instilled a sense of pride.

"My opinions and my take on things, my perspective, is molded by my parents and how they feel about things," he said. "It goes back to those same feelings of pride and passion."

Plus the timing doesn't hurt either. He's got a lot to think about this July Fourth, namely America's history and Egypt's future.

"They're celebrating in a moment," Eltawely said. "It's almost like, how would it feel if you and I were able to celebrate the first firework show after the signing of the Declaration of Independence or something like that. It's amazing."

The Minnesota Egyptian American Society has about 300 members. In many cases though, a whole family will count as one membership.