Local Campsites Drying Out in Time for 4th

Posted at: 07/04/2013 7:03 PM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It's one of the busiest weeks for camping all year, yet many campsites in Fillmore county were unsure if they'd even be open. Flooding caused damage to many of the campsites just two weeks ago.
That’s when you could have used these canoes or kayaks to get through the Highway 250 Campground, but this 4th of July weekend their hard work to clean up is paying off.

Mary Ann Mills was sleeping in her camper when the flood waters started to rise.

"At about 3 o'clock a neighbor came up and said the river is high we've got to get out now,” said Mills

Mills has been camping at Highway 250 Campground in Lanesboro for 8 years. She says the flood was hard on all of the campers that stay there often.

"It's a family away from your family, yes their toys but it's still crushing and there were a lot of tears shed," said Mills.

Nearly a dozen RV's were damaged by the flooding, with many wrecked beyond repair.

"Well right where I'm standing there was water current," said campsite owner John Hungerholt.

But by the 4th of July the campground was a completely different site. Which made Campsite owner Hungerholt very happy since it is one of the busiest weekends.

"We are usually packed to the walls, but this year I had to cut back," said Hungerholt.

The sun helped dry up the sites, but much of the work was done by the campers themselves.

'I've got a great group of people here that helped out," said Hungerholt.

"Guys brought in tractors and bobcats, it was a lot of teamwork," said Mills.

There is still more work to be done, but all of their sites are now ready for campers.

"it's great to be open again, I mean to have pretty much everything back to normal," said Hungerholt.

For mills just being able to celebrate the fourth with her family away from family is enough.

"We're just enjoying the sun and laughing again," said Mills.

The owner says they are ahead of schedule as far as the time they thought it would take to clean.