FEMA Continues Damage Assessments in Freeborn County

Posted at: 07/11/2013 5:39 PM
Updated at: 07/11/2013 5:43 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It was a series of storms that washed out roads, overwhelmed storm sewers and filled ditches with soil from farm fields.

For Freeborn county, Thursday was the day to put a dollar-estimate on the damage.

"It appears we should reach our threshold for the governor in order to be included in the request," said Freeborn County Emergency Management Director Rich Hall.

On Thursday, it was Freeborn county's turn to present its storm damage list to representatives of the state and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

"So that the governor can determine whether or not to include us in a request for a presidential declaration," Rich Hall explained.

The numbers are preliminary, but it looks like Freeborn county will be eligible.

"I think our county threshold was a little over $107,000," emergency manager Rich Hall told us.

“In our particular township we had a number of gravel road issues, culvert blow-outs and things of that nature, all water related," Bob Mathiason said. He’s a supervisor for Carlston township, on the far western edge of Freeborn county.  "You need to keep things in order, so we've gone ahead and have gotten them fixed."

“It's all stuff the city has to repair, but it's a strain as far as the budgets are concerned," Freeborn County’s Rich Hall said.

“In our particular case we'll probably be looking at the $14, $15,000 range," Bob Mathiason added. “It could be an extreme burden on us down the road."

And since most of the damage has been repaired, a disaster declaration would essentially amount to reimbursement for money already spent.

"I would say we should know within the next 9 to 14 days whether or not we're going to receive a federal disaster declaration," emergency manager Rich Hall told us.