Rochester Woman's Life Upended After Car Stolen

Posted at: 07/12/2013 6:42 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It's a crime - that while not violent in nature - has turned a Rochester woman's life upside down. Her car was stolen as she was shopping at Walmart South. We’ve now learned it's a vital part of her life.

"I came out and it was like one of those times where you’re like where did I park my car," said Dani Strike of Rochester.

But Dani Strike never had the relief of finding her car Thursday morning.

"I start looking, start looking and I start panicking," said Strike.

After finding the spot she parked in and seeing it sit empty. The realization sunk in that she no longer had a car to put her groceries in.

"This is the last thing that I ever could have thought happen was for someone to come steal it in broad daylight," said Strike.

Rochester police and Walmart are not releasing the surveillance video which shows a man parking next to Dani's dark green 1997 Honda Accord license plate number 606-EUB. The suspect then gets in through a window and takes off.

"This one's a little bit different because in fact she did have her keys, that is was during the day and that they used some other means to start it," said Lt. Tom Kaase, Rochester Police Department.

"There was a white Honda, same make and model parked right next to it, just a different color," said Strike.

Rochester Police say the ignition system was damaged in the car left behind, which is likely the same way the suspect stole Dani's car.

For Dani, a single mom who juggles work and school, "It’s going to be hard, I don't have any money saved, I just spent the money I had saved up to get the car fixed," said Strike.

She hopes her car with still show up, because having no car makes life that much more difficult.

"I work late night because of school and so I can spend time with my five year old. So the bus isn't running when I go to and from work, so I mean it's either walking, biking or asking friends and family to try and help me out," said Strike.