Hot, Humid Stretch Thru Thursday

Posted at: 07/15/2013 9:37 PM
Updated at: 07/15/2013 9:40 PM

A broad area of high pressure over the eastern half of the United States is providing a typical burst of heat that is often seen on any particular July.  The interesting twist with this round is our high pressure originated off in the Atlantic and is taking an abnormal trek cross country TO the west.

Typically our jet stream keeps the atmosphere moving in a west to east pattern however a blocking pattern in the upper levels of the atmosphere have diverted the jet stream way to the north into Canada.  This allowing anything over the United States to meander around, hence the westward movement.

Being this area of high pressure originated from the Atlantic, it's bringing along plenty of moisture up into the Upper Midwest and Ohio River Valley.  Dew Points the next three days are expected to be into the lower 70s which makes being outside in warm temperatures uncomfortable.

Fortunately the same thing bringing the humidity will actually keep the air temperature from being too out of control.  Don't get me wrong, we'll be warm, hot by some standards with temps hanging out around 90°.   But, the setup to push the mercury up into the upper 90s/100s usually pulls air up that originates off the desert southwest.  This is not that scenario.

Couple temps around 90 and dew points in the lower 70s the Heat Index, or the way it feels outside will be in the mid 90s to 100°.  At these readings caution is needed when outside for prolonged periods or when physically exerting yourself.

Looking ahead we'll see some relief by the end of the week as a cold front dives through.  But the long term forecast builds above normal temperatures back in.  Here's a look at the Climate Prediction Center 8-14 day temperature outlook.