Glenville Man Gets Probation for Taking Nude Photos of Young Girl

Posted at: 07/16/2013 11:00 AM

Branson Franksain in January, 2013
Branson Franksain in January, 2013

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- A Glenville man is required to register as a predatory offender, but will avoid jail time for taking and sharing nude photos of an underage girl.

As we reported, investigators say Brandon Franksain, 28, took nude photos of minors, and shared them online.

He faced charges of producing, possessing, and sharing child pornography.
Because Franksain has no prior history, a judge sentenced him to 10 years probation, with several conditions, including no contact with minors, no use of the internet, and no use of alcohol or drugs.
Below is a list of the conditions set by the judge.
  1. No contact with persons under age 18, in a private setting unless approved by agent
  2. Psychological-Sexual Evaluation
  3. Follow recommendations of evaluation 
  4. Sign all releases of information
  5. Submit to Polygraph Examinations as Directed
  6. Conditions, other, Disclose sexual history to significant others as directed by agent/therapist; not to enter any establishment that has sexual entertainment
  7. No Access To or Use of Internet Without Approval, no chat rooms; dating sites, Facebook, or similar sites
  8. Not Possess/Use Any Pornographic/Sexually Explicit Material, books, videos, magazines, games
  9. No alcohol/controlled substance use
  10. No possession of alcohol or drugs
  11. Do Not Enter Bars or Liquor Stores
  12. Supply DNA sample
  13. Predatory offender registration required
  14. Follow all Conditions set forth in the Probation Agreement
  15. Comply With Curfew Restrictions