Rochester Man Leads Police on Slow Speed Chase, Arrested With Shorts on Backwards

Posted at: 07/16/2013 11:58 AM
Updated at: 07/16/2013 12:12 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- A suspicious vehicle led to a short police chase in Rochester Monday night.

Police eventually arrested John Carr for fleeing police and possible charges of driving without a license.

The chase started when an officer noticed a suspicious vehicle near the intersection of Elton Hills Drive and 14th Avenue just before 11 p.m.

Police say the vehicle looked empty, but when the officer drove by, the driver quickly started the car and drove away. The officer followed the vehicle for several blocks before attempting a traffic stop.

Police say Carr didn't pull over and  made several sharp turns, before driving through a yard. They Carr then tried to get away on foot.

However, he was eventually captured, thanks in part, to a K-9 unit.

Police are still not sure why he was sitting in the neighborhood, but they did note Carr was unusually dressed when they arrested him. They say Carr was shirtless and wearing only a pair of shorts that were backwards and had clearly been quickly fastened.