New Leadership Roles for Rochester Public Schools

Posted at: 07/17/2013 9:22 PM
Updated at: 07/17/2013 10:15 PM
By: Laura Lee

(ABC 6 News) -- It may still be Summer, but come Fall you'll see some big changes within the Rochester Public School District.

Changes from the top down to become more efficient and effective.
"Anytime you have people leave the system or take a different position, you have the opportunity to re-evaluate your organization," says Superintendent Michael Munoz.

The district is restructuring its leadership roles including its latest decision to add an assistant superintendent.  

"We've eliminated two Executive Director positions which are in our cabinet and we created an assistant superintendent position," says Munoz when we asked if the changes will effect staffing.

Tuesday night the school board welcomed Dr. Brenda Lewis.

"I'm very excited to continue the work already started in the district," says Lewis.

Lewis served as an Executive Director of Secondary Education with the Rochester Public School District and was a former principal in St. Paul Public Schools.

"Anytime you get a new leader either at the district level or at the building level, you get someone in with new ideas," says Munoz.

"One of the biggest areas we'll focus on will be the continued work with principals and supporting our teachers and making sure we have the best people in front of our kids on a daily basis," says Lewis. "Our role is to work together with Superintendent Munoz and the staff to provide consistency across the district and give sites what they need."

Nearly one third of the districts principals will be replaced this fall due to job opportunities and retirement. Several other administrative seats will also need to be replaced. Munoz says most of the positions have already been filled by internal candidates.

"This opportunity allowed us to talk with our principals and other stake-holders about what kind of services and support they really need and that helped us to come up with POSA's."

POSA's short for Principals On Special Assignment. Jean Murphy, who is the former principal at Ben Franklin Elementary and Harold Scott a former St. Paul Public School Administrator are the two POSA's for the district. They will be working closely with building principals to coach and offer support.  
These are not new positions, rather new roles. "We're not adding all these new positions, we're just restructuring to make things more effective," says Munoz.

"Bottom line is here at the district level, our job is to support the schools at the building level and we felt this is a great way to do that," added Munoz.
"We thought if we can provide even more, we'd see more gain."
The restructuring is also within budget. The district says the new changes will actually be cheaper than the previous school year.