Registration for Sumner Schools Underway

Posted at: 07/18/2013 5:43 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The calendar might say mid-July, but some kids in our area spent Thursday thinking about school.

"We are happy to have registration for the new 45-15 school year," said Sheila Berger, principal of Sumner Elementary School in Austin.

On July 30th, students at Sumner kick-off their third year of a year-round schedule of 45 days on and 15 days off.

"I love it because we see the increase in academics for our children," said Sumner success coach Enrique Camarena-Corzo.

“Both with our internal Austin public school assessments as well as statewide assessments, our students have done very, very well the last two years," Sumner principal Sheila Berger told us.

“It wasn't just 45-15, we have a different curriculum for reading and math and we saw results," added success coach Enrique Camarena-Corzo.

And operating on a 45-15 schedule reduces the catch-up time that comes with a traditional three month summer break.

"When they come back from vacation they are ready," Camarena-Corzo said.

Schools in Mexico operate on a schedule very similar to 45-15, and that has made the Sumner schedule popular with families new to Austin.

"They're used to that rhythm, which is the most important thing, so when they come here and have 45-15 they feel like home in a way," Enrique Camarena-Corzo told us.

Statewide, education officials are now focusing more of their efforts on closing the achievement gap between students of different cultures and socio-economic levels.

"One of the thing we've been able to do at Sumner is close that achievement gap, so it's working very well for all students, but especially those who come from a diverse background or socio-economic background," principal Sheila Berger explained.

And the state is paying attention -- the Minnesota department of education has named Sumner one of ten "Celebration Schools" in the state because of improved student performance.

Some sections at Woodson Kindergarten center in Austin also operate on the 45-15 schedule.