Anything it Takes to Keep Cool

Posted at: 07/18/2013 6:43 PM
Updated at: 07/18/2013 6:50 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- After three days of heat and humidity area officials are warning the public to be cautious of health concerns.

While many kids were playing the fountain at Peace Plaza to keep cool, vendors at Thursday’s on First were sticking to water.

That's just what experts want you to do when the temps climb this high.

"This is when it gets hard especially when we don't typically have weather like this, a lot of people aren't accustomed to it," said Dr. Torrey Laack.

Mayo Clinic's Dr. Laack says when the weather gets this hot it's especially important to pay attention to the symptoms.

"If they are feeling weak, dizzy, nauseous, and certainly people who start to feel confused,” said Dr. Laack.

Rochester Emergency Management has put out a list of suggestions to stay cool. One of those is to take a dip in the water at Foster Arends Park or at one of the city pools. The bus is also free for anyone needs to get somewhere to cool off.

"Go shopping, go to a movie, just to escape the heat for a short time," said emergency management director Ken Jones.

Officials are also warning everyone to take care of each other. Especially those that are more at risk like the elderly and small children.

"If you know of someone or a neighbor then you should give them a call or stop in to check if everything is okay," said Jones.

Dr. Laack says if you do feel ill you should drink plenty of water and get out of the heat.

"The vast majority of people will do fine it's when people try these measure and they are still feeling ill, that's when we need to see them here at the emergency department," said Dr. Laack.