Lawsuit Against the Rochester Boy Scouts Coming Monday

Posted at: 07/19/2013 4:10 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -  Two men who say they were sexually abused back in the 70's are suing the Rochester Boy Scouts.  Richard Hokanson is specifically named as the abuser in the case.

Two of his alleged victims are speaking out about what happened during their time in the Gamehaven chapter of the Scouts in Rochester back in the 70's.

More will be detailed in a news conference Monday.

At a news conference on Monday in Rochester, prominent sexual abuse attorney Jeff Anderson will:  

* Announce the filing of the first civil lawsuit involving the Boy Scouts of America filed under the new Minnesota law eliminating the civil statute of limitations for children who are sexually abused and allowing a 3-year window for past victims of childhood sexual abuse to file lawsuits against their perpetrator and/or an institution that may have allowed the abuse.  The lawsuit, filed on behalf of two former Boy Scouts Doe 8 and Doe 9, were members of Troop 210, will name the Boy Scouts of America, Gamehaven Council, Inc., St. Pius X Catholic Church, troop sponsor, and former troop leader and convicted child molester Richard Hokanson, as defendants.

*  Introduce survivor, Doe 8, who will offer a prepared statement at the press conference.  The lawsuit will state that both Doe 8 and Doe 9 were sexually abused by Hokanson in the 1970s.

*  Discuss the failings of multiple adults involved at St. Pius X, with the troop and the Boy Scouts, who received information in the early 1970s pertaining to Hokanson's sexual abuse and failed to act to protect the children, thus enabling Hokanson to prey on youth and others.

*  Alert the community and other sexual abuse survivors in Southeastern Minnesota about the Child Victims Act and encourage them to come forward and tell others about the new legislation.