Alyssa Sandeen's Recovery Going Well

Posted at: 07/24/2013 6:36 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Her story is one of miracles. A 23-year-old Mankato woman, now on her second heart. But through this long journey, she says her family, and faith has guided her. 

"I was very sick. I was dying," said Alyssa Sandeen. For eight months, she spent her days inside the walls of St. Marys Hospital, waiting for a new heart. 

"I kept thinking, I'm gonna get this heart," said Sandeen. 

And she did on June 27th; the day Alyssa says she got a second chance at life. 

"I'm just gonna take really good care of this one. And I'm hoping this is the end. That this is the peak of my sickness," said Sandeen. 

Right now, Alyssa is staying at the Gift of Life transplant house. her days are filled with medications and multiple doctor appointments. But she is just looking to the day she finally gets to go home. 

"I'm looking forward to driving again. I like to go fishing, too. That's like my favorite thing, fishing and dancing," said Sandeen. 

She has now had two heart transplants, and a kidney transplant; thing she says she couldn't have gone through without her family. 

"My mom was with my every single day, 24/7," said Alyssa. 

And her faith. 

"I have so much faith and I know that He's keeping me going through it. He's not gonna fail me now."

 And now, she is hoping to spread the word about organ donation, and use her story to help others. 

"Since this experience, I've been wanting to get the donor awareness out. It really changed my life a lot. It's why I'm here today and I want to change people's lives and continue to inspire others."