Stillwater Prison on Lockdown, Security Operations 'Ongoing'

Posted at: 07/26/2013 7:46 AM
Updated at: 07/27/2013 3:28 PM
By: Jennie Olson

The Stillwater Prison was on lockdown Friday, the Department of Corrections has confirmed.

All visiting at the prison has been canceled through the weekend, and security operations are ongoing.

John Schadl with the Department of Corrections says the lockdown is not the result of a fight or disturbance but wasn’t able to confirm any additional information. Officials also say all of the inmates are safe and that the lockdown wasn’t sparked by one major incident.

Prison lockdowns are a tool that staff members use to get every inmate into his cell, accounted for and safe. This can free up the staff to do other tasks that might be more labor-intensive.

While partial lockdowns can be used on a regular basis, full lockdowns are not as common. Earlier this year there was a full prison lockdown in St. Cloud so that staff could search for contraband. The last time there was a full lockdown at Stillwater was in the fall of 2010.

The Stillwater Prison is Minnesota's largest "close" Level 4 security facility, which is just below Level 5 maximum security. It currently has 1,613 inmates. 

Schadl says more information will come when operations are complete. Stay with KSTP.com as we work to bring you more details.