Smith leading Vikes secondary

Posted at: 07/29/2013 6:36 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Harrison Smith had a breakout rookie season last year, and if all goes as planned, the Vikings safety will be even better this year.

"He played with a controlled reckless abandoment, from my standpoint," said head coach Leslie Frazier. "He wasn't afraid to take chances, which allowed him to make some plays, and you don't always see that in rookies. They're kind of like sitting back, waiting for the game to come to them, but he was aggressive and in turn it helped the rest of our guys in the secondary, just by feeding off his playmaking ability."

Smith will play a huge role in the Vikings secondary this year, hoping for just one outcome this season.

"Number one is just helping the Vikings get to the Super Bowl. That's what our goal is and to take over the NFC North. That's really just the number one thing is helping the Vikings achieve that goal," said Smith.

And there's definitely some perks to no longer being a rookie.

"It's a lot different," Smith said. "It's nice having some familiarity with the schedule, with all the guys, with the playbook, with the coaches. There's still a lot of stress in training camp and getting ready for the season but I feel like just having one year under my belt, I'm more comfortable with things and everything's running a little bit smoother."