Passport: Science Museum

Posted at: 07/30/2013 6:35 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- On Tuesday's ABC 6 News "Passport Series," we take you to the Science Museum of Minnesota located in St. Paul. It's home to a one-of-a kind omnitheater and hundreds of science exhibits that have been created right here in Minnesota.

"When the visitors walk in, they have the experience of a lifetime," said technical manager of the omnitheater Chris Demke.

When you first walk in, you'll first pass by the science museum's rotating ommitheater, the only one of its kind still out there today. "The film weighs about 250 pounds and its about 3 miles long per 45 minute documentary," said Demke.

Certainly a sight to see, but if you head downstairs there's more than just visuals. "I like that there's so many touch and feel things for the kids and that there's room for them to run," said visitor Susan Kafka.

You’ll find are all sorts of things, from real dinosaur bones, to learning about the human body. “They enjoyed the sneezing thing that's on the human body thing, the blood thing that's over there too," said Brent Vyvyan, a chaperone of a school group.

The Science Museum of Minnesota covers all avenues of science, teaching kids that science follows you wherever you go. "They definitely learn a lot more, I think, when they're out experiencing things on their own," said Vyvyan.

"For kids who maybe can’t read yet, we have a lot of multimedia, interactive displays as well as hand on activities, " said museum spokesperson Kim Ramsden. Those at the science museum have it laid out so everyone can learn something new.

"Whether you’re an adult, grandparent, child, or whatever, it’s fun because you get to experience all the new things that the science museum has to offer, " said Vyvyan.

Probably the coolest part, they create each one of these exhibits themselves. "A lot of people don't realize that the science museum actually produces its own exhibits that you get to see and play with here, and that gets to travel all across the world," said Ramsden. For example, their latest "Maya" exhibit. "You'll not only learn so much about this just amazing culture, but you'll get to walk away with a feeling like you've learned something brand new that you didn't know before," said Ramsden.

When we asked visitors to rate their overall experience at the science museum..."The science museum is on the top of his list, " said Kafka.


The Maya exhibit is only there for 6 months. The science museum is open all summer long, every day except Mondays.