So Far A Very Wet Year

Posted at: 08/04/2013 10:27 PM
Updated at: 08/04/2013 10:38 PM

If 2013 has been known for one thing so far it is how wet it has been. Every month since January has seen above average precipitation with May becoming one of the wettest months on record. July however ended on a different note. July was 2.41” below average with only a handful of rainy days becoming few and far between during the second half of the month.


July was so dry in fact that the Drought Monitor has become relevant once again. No, we are not in a drought but an area of “abnormally dry” conditions is inching closer and closer to the area especially in north central Iowa. Portions of Hancock County in Iowa are already in the abnormally dry category.


On a much wetter note, through 7 months of the year total precipitation has reached 32.90”. This is only 0.11” away from the average YEARLY precipitation. No question that 2013 will be wetter than average but only time will tell if it goes down as the wettest year on record. The number 1 wettest year on record is 1990 with 43.94”.