Rochester Family Honors Mother with Generous Gifts

Posted at: 08/05/2013 10:22 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- One family from our area took a tragedy into something positive. Their mother had passed away just before her 89th birthday, but they said she was always a giver, so they decided to do the same.

Waitress Jennifer Metz and her coworker Tick had their hands full Saturday, both serving a big table of people at Whiskey Creek. "One of the daughters came up to me and said we want to tell you something so whenever you get a chance, if both of you could come over," said Metz.

The group came to Whiskey Creek after attending a funeral for their mother Verna. "She was such a giving person. Anybody that was hard up, she would always try and help," said Delores or "Deedee" Stafford.

That was the reason why they called over the two servers. They handed of them an envelope with a letter in memory her. "We both kind of had tears in our eyes when we opened it and it kind of just made me feel their loss too," said Metz.

There was something else in the envelope too. "I used to be a waitress, and boy, when I was a waitress I needed money" laughed Stafford.

In the envelope was more than $400 dollars each. "I'm amazed at how much generosity that whole family has," said Metz.

"One of the girls had two little girls that she was supporting and her mother had cancer and the other one, she was working her way through nursing school and she had two jobs," said Stafford.

Most of the money came from memorial cards others had sent them, but they thought giving it to others is what their mother would’ve done. "There are not enough thanks to say, it’s really amazing," said Metz. She said not only did they give her and Tick a generous tip that day, but an important lesson too. "Even just as one person or one family, you can create change and make a difference in somebody else's life," said Metz.

A lesson their mother would be proud of. "I know she's looking down on us thinking, good boys, good girls," smiled Stafford. She said she also always wanted to do something like this after a random gentleman picked up her tab while eating breakfast. When she asked him why he did that, that man said to her “it's called a random act of kindness.”