New Holton School Library Gets Stocked

Posted at: 08/06/2013 7:23 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- In less than a month, the Austin school district will open its newest school.

On Tuesday, that school took one step closer to being ready.

"Today we're actually putting up the collection," said Randal Heise, CEO of Mackin Educational Resources.

“We are a company that provides library books to schools."

Heise grew up four blocks from the site of the new school, and his company is working with the Austin school district to stock the new library and coordinate it with other resources.

"Going into the building everything short of the curriculum text book is brand new," said Holton School Principal Jean McDermott.

And while fifth and sixth graders attending Holton will be moving from other schools in the district, their library books will not. 

"We wanted to specifically choose books that would foster the reading in the different curriculum areas that we were looking for," Holton Principal Jean McDermott told us.

What we used to call the library is now called the IMC. "Not only do they have the benefit of all these print books, they'll also have the benefit of being able to read books on their compute,r" Mackin CEO Randal Heise told us.

And when the school bell rings at the Holton school for the first time on September 3rd ... "Everything will be ready for kids to check out, teachers to check out both in the print and the digital format," Randal Heise said.

“You can only dream about a building like the building we're offering to our fifth and sixth graders now," added intermediate school principal Jean McDermott.