Austin School District Registration

Posted at: 08/07/2013 7:03 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- If you haven’t checked the calendar lately, September third is closer than you think.

That’s the day most students in our area go back to school.

And on Wednesday, students in Austin got a head start.

"We are at all-school mass registration today at the high school" Southgate elementary school principal Edwina Harder told us.

“Families are turning in forms and then meeting with each of their individual buildings, some are getting schedules, some are signing up for conferences, and they're getting their pictures taken" Ellis Middle School principal Jason Senne explained.

Mass registration is only a couple of years old in Austin. Before that, parents would register their children at their individual schools.

"Families have appreciated being able to bring all their school age children at one time to one site, rather than having to cross town multiple times on multiple days" Southgate principal Edwina Harder said.

“It allows us to have more consistency with our records for family locations and phone numbers" added Ellis Middle School principal Jason Senne.

The new school year also marks the opening of the fifth and sixth grade I-J Holton Intermediate School.

"The elementary sites will be first through fourth grade" principal Edwina Harder explained.

“At Ellis we are going to be a seventh and eighth grade building" added middle school principal Jason Senne.

“I would say that what the immediate impact is would be more space within the buildings. our class sizes are staying pretty similar to what they were last year" Southgate’s Edwina Harder told us.

And when mass registration ends on Thursday evening, everything should be set for September third.

"Giving us a good count as to which students are going to be here for the year so we can make sure we have the schedule and everything ready for them to start the school year on a good note" said middle school principal Jason Senne.

“We are going to be ready” Southgate principal Edwina Harder added. “It's so exciting."