Wilf's Past Dealings Concern Local Lawmakers

Posted at: 08/14/2013 7:03 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Governor Dayton says that his confidence in the owners of the Minnesota Vikings has been “undermined”. This after the Wilf's were found in violation of civil racketeering in New Jersey. 

It could affect the new Vikings stadium deal and the future of the team itself. Some local lawmakers are rethinking their decision to back the new Vikings stadium, saying it's been one thing after another since they approved the new Vikings stadium deal.

It was a time of cheering and chanting when the Minnesota house and senate passed the bill that would give the Vikings a new stadium.

"The scenario looked very positive, there was a lot of excited built up with the governor," said Republican Rep. Greg Davids of Preston.

Republican Rep. Greg Davids was one of the local lawmakers who voted for the $975 million stadium, but says he wouldn't have supported the bill knowing what he knows now.

"If you wanted to paint a perfect picture of how everything could go wrong this would be a great case to do that,” said Davids.

He says there's just been one misstep after another on the road to a new stadium. The major ones being electric pull tabs not bringing in enough revenue and now recent financial news which has slowed the signing of the final stadium agreement.

"I’m not certain that they outcome was perfect, in fact, we know it's not been perfect and the revenue has not come in as projected,” said DFL Rep. Kim Norton of Rochester.

DFL Rep. Kim Norton supports the decision to undertake an extensive financial review of the Vikings’ owners. But she says the recent ruling in new jersey, which shows the team owners violated "civil racketeering" rules, shouldn’t get in the way of a new stadium.

"I support my vote in support of the Vikings. I think it's important for the state and we certainly know that the governor supported it and wanted it," said Norton.

While the road for the Vikings stadium has been bumpy, there's still many Vikings fans who can't wait to cheer on their team in a brand new stadium.