Klobuchar Visits Iowa, Speculation Swirls About 2016

Posted at: 08/16/2013 10:39 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- After two terms in the White House, the field is wide open for 2016. For Democrats, the most talked about candidate is Hillary Clinton, but it may be another strong female from our area who makes a splash.

When you look at her resume, it's impressive. Former Hennepin County Attorney and now a well-liked, two term senator. So does a trip through parts of Iowa, hint at something larger for Senator Amy Klobuchar?

Friday Senator Klobuchar told an Iowa newspaper that “it's nice” people are mentioning her name as a possible presidential candidate.

Friday was the 10th Annual North Iowa Democratic Fundraiser and the key note speaker is from Minnesota.  "It's interesting we have a candidate from Minnesota as well," said Iowa resident Karrie Finnigan-Ziegler. The question on many people's minds, why did Senator Klobuchar come there Friday?

"We have so much respect for Senator Klobuchar. We just think she's a real leader in the U.S. Senate and hopefully a future presidential candidate," said strong Klobuchar supporter Joseph Brown. That and vice president were mentioned a couple times.

"I would support her as a vice president but I strongly support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for Presidential Candidate," said Iowa resident Kathy Winter.

However, Klobuchar made no word of that in Clear Lake. She says she was there to support Congressman Braley's run for U.S. Senate, but others hope those other rumors are true. "I think she'd be a strong candidate," said Finnigan-Ziegler.

"Minnesota had a lot of great politicians. In the last 50 years, we've had two vice presidents. We just haven't had a president yet. I think Amy is the next person line to do that," said Brown

Sen. Klobuchar insists that, for the time being, she's focusing on being a senator, but today's trip won’t stop speculation of her future political motives.