Backyard Boa Constrictor Surprises Minnesota Homeowner

Posted at: 08/21/2013 1:43 PM
Updated at: 08/21/2013 2:00 PM

Boa Constrictor Found In Stillwater Yard
Boa Constrictor Found In Stillwater Yard

STILLWATER, Minn. (AP) - A roll of paper towels that a Stillwater man thought was discarded in his backyard turned out to be a lot more than that.

Police say the homeowner wandered out on his deck about 5 a.m. Wednesday to pick up the towels he thought his children had left behind. But, the roll of towels began to move. And, when the man turned on his back porch light he discovered a 5-foot boa constrictor.

A specialist from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources was summoned to retrieve the snake, which is believed to be someone's escaped pet.

The Minnesota Herpetological Society now has custody of the snake. If the owner doesn't claim the snake, it will be available for adoption after Sept. 5 or 6.