Boa Constrictor is Stillwater Family's Surprise Visitor

Posted at: 08/21/2013 5:50 PM
Updated at: 08/21/2013 6:40 PM
By: Ellen McNamara

Occasionally, a dog or cat gets loose, but Wednesday morning, a Stillwater family got a rude awakening when they found a large snake on their deck.

The Boa constrictor was about 5 1/2 feet long, and although an animal expert says it is harmless, at first glance, it did not look harmless.

The beady-eyed Boa got Paul Kiolbasa's blood pumping, even before the sun rose. "I reached down to touch it thinking maybe it was a big stick that had fallen overnight," he said. "It didn't feel like a big stick."

Around 5:15 a.m. Wednesday, Kiolbasa spotted the long reptile on his Stillwater deck.
He woke up his wife Camille. She thought her husband was playing a prank. Unfortunately, the snake decided to hang out for awhile.

Two hours later, it was on the move again. The family had no idea what to do, so they called police and Sarah Richard, with the Minnesota Herpetological Society.

"This is the time of year when we see a lot more of them out because people are bringing them out because the weather's nice," Richard said. "They (exotic pets) get loose."
In fact, Richard has had to corral four exotic pets in the last week, because owners often let their animal out to sunbathe, and occasionally they slither off. Richard says the Boa was only a threat to mice.

Although the Kiolbasa's got a rude awakening, they know the Boa is in better hands. "We've got a lot of raccoons and foxes around here," Kiolbasa said. "So this one was new."

Now that the snake has been rescued, it will be checked out, and if the owner does not come forward, then it will be put up for adoption.