Convicted Murderer returns to jail after threatening ex-girlfriend

Posted at: 08/23/2013 10:59 PM
By: Sean Boswell

(ABC 6 News) -- He spent 12 years behind bars for murder and not long after being released, he faces allegations of threatening to kill again. 41 year-old Mark Huyber of Rochester was released from prison less than two years ago under supervision, but he's now charged with stalking and threatening to kill an ex-girlfriend.    

ABC 6 spoke with the victim on the phone Friday and she asked we not reveal her name, but tells us Huyber threatened to kill her and the father of her child.

"Many times a week we have prior offenders committing new crimes," said Olmsted County Chief Deputy Jim Martinson. However, not always crimes of this magnitude. "The terroristic threats is considered a crime of violence. It's a threat to kill an individual. It's a verbal threat in this case, and those are serious charges," said Martinson.

The victim tells us she knew Huyber's past, even though she met him after his release from prison. She tells us she wanted to cut ties with him, but was scared.

"We want to blame victims and we want to say, 'why did you go back,' or 'why did you keep a relationship with that person?' We really need to keep the focus on the person who's doing the harm," said Jeanne Ronald with Olmsted County Victim Services.

Huyber was also charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly attacking the father of the victims child. That’s another reason why the victim reached out to police.

"They really need to trust their own intuition about it, and not be afraid to reach out for help," said Ronald.

"Any infraction of the law, whether severe or minor, could result in him going back to prison, and theoretically for the remainder of his supervised released time, no matter how long that might be," said Martinson.

Huyber is currently being held by the Minnesota Department of Corrections. He was given $100,000 bail this morning for the terroristic threat charge.

As for his prior conviction of murder. He reached a plea deal with prosecutors pleading guilty to 2nd Degree Unintentional Murder. He shot a man near Rochester back in 1999, but claims it was an accident. He also had no prior criminal history.