Online Classes Begin for Hayfield Kid Tomorrow

Posted at: 08/25/2013 9:24 PM
Updated at: 08/25/2013 10:40 PM

(ABC 6 News)-- While many kids in the area are preparing for their first day of school tomorrow, a young Hayfield boy is preparing for a different type of school, and has an organization in his hands.

Gabriel Jarrod is preparing for classes at the Minnesota Connections Academy, a virtual public school.

"It’s real nice ‘cause you can go at your own pace. If there's an area you're struggling with, you can slow down and focus on that area. And if there's an area where you can excel, then you're free to do that and kind of go faster," said Gabriel’s father, Drew Jarrod.

Drew loves the individualized approach to learning, and says the connections academy allows Gabriel more time to be socially active.

"We have, more time, it seems, to get involved in the community," said Jarrod.

For Gabriel, that means operation fun.

"I’m raising money for 2 parks in hayfield," said Gabriel.

He’s attempting to raise money to get three new pieces of park equipment for parks just blocks from his house.

"I was just thinking of a business idea in my head one night," said Gabriel, inspired by the TV show Biz Kid$.

New swings, a merry go round, and what he calls a “loopy whoop spinner” are what he wants to add to the parks.

An idea, they say, no 6th grade teacher, could teach.