String of Burglaries Has Business Owners Worried

Posted at: 08/28/2013 11:11 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- Five businesses, all close to one another, have been burglarized in Zumbrota over the past few months, and it’s leaving people on edge, especially businesses owners.

"I never thought it was going to happen to us and we got nailed," said owner of Shock City (the Verizon store) John Bucher. A few months back, he was arriving to work and saw glass everywhere. "I came to work and somebody threw a rock through the window here," said Bucher. Then he noticed a number of iPhones were missing. "One phone off display and the phones out of the back room," he said.

Since then, they got a surveillance camera, which caught another burglar in the act at a nearby business. "The Verizon Wireless store here (had the camera) and we went through the tapes and discovered at 2:20 in the morning that it drove off the lot," said Wes Voeltz with Route 58 Motor Company. The camera spotted a guy driving off the lot with one of the trucks from the neighboring business. "Unfortunately, we came in one morning and the one pickup was gone," said Voeltz.

However, you talk to neighbors, and those two aren't the only who've been hit in recent months. "Subway the other night, there now, that got broken into and they lost a lot of money there," said Voeltz. So did Zumbrota Ford, and G&M Car Wash.

"It's like an uptick for sure because it seems like we're being targeted," said Bucher.

"Well it's getting to be too much, I don't leave my truck unlocked sitting outside the house and I live right in town," said Voeltz. These owners say this never used to be a problem here. "I'm getting to the point where I can’t trust anybody," said Voeltz.

Though they may not have caught those crooks, they're not taking any chances anymore. "It's good to have security and keep everything locked down because they're definitely out there looking,” said Bucher.

The Shock City, Verizon store had gotten a warning from corporate before the burglary saying other phone stores had been broken into. They don’t believe his case is connected to the other Zumbrota break-in's. Police would only tell us they are investigating.