Chemical Incident In Waseca Forces Business Evacuation

Posted at: 08/29/2013 8:35 AM
Updated at: 08/29/2013 3:54 PM

Brown Printing In Waseca Evacuated After Chemical Mix Up
Brown Printing In Waseca Evacuated After Chemical Mix Up
Photo: Courtesy John Cross and The Mankato Free Press

A chemical spill at a Waseca printing company has forced the evacuation of several businesses in town.

Brown Printing called authorities to report the spill shortly before 7 a.m. Thursday.

Chemical Assessment Teams from Waseca, Janesville and Mankato were on the scene.

Four Brown Printing employees were taken to Mayo Clinic Health System Waseca where they were treated and released by early afternoon.

A total of about 150 Brown employees had to be evacuated.

The plant remained closed until about 11 a.m. when office workers returned to their desks.

Plant managers tell us they hope to have production up and running again later Thursday evening.

The Brown Printing is located in the 2300 block of Brown Avenue in Southwest Waseca and according to it's website employs a total of around 900 people.

The Waseca printing plant prints around 200 weekly, bi-weekly and monthly special interest publications, consumer publications, business to business magazines and catalogs.