Overtime Needed to Finish Holton School in Time

Posted at: 08/29/2013 7:37 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It's been under construction for well over a year, and on Tuesday morning the bell will ring for the first time at the new I-J Holton Intermediate School. The question now is 'will it be ready?'

"Big ticket items are done. Flooring is done, lights are done, the HVAC is done, as you can feel we have air conditioning right now," said Matt Miller, director of facility services for the Austin school district.

"The food service is all ready to go, food has been delivered and that has passed through inspection," added Holton school principal Jean McDermott.

“All the technology is in place, we're ready for all the computers, all the student laptops actually arrived on site today," Matt Miller told us.

“Really at this point what we're doing is just some of the  final touch-up things, doing a few things on the punch-lists the contractors have gone through," said principal Jean McDermott.

“A lot of fine-tuning, touch up painting, touch up flooring, stuff like that," said facilities director Matt Miller.

And with 739 fifth and sixth graders just days away from moving into the new school ...

"Over the weekend we do expect several contractors to be working, doing some of that fine-tuning, touching up punch-list items so it should be a very busy site through Monday," APS facilities director Matt Miller told us.

“We actually asked our contractors to take a couple of days off because we do have parents and students in the building for the past two days and wanted it to be a school feeling, into a construction zone," said principal Jean McDermott.

The start of this school year was the target completion date even before construction began.

"So as a result we did not make any contingency plans. we didn't have plans to have the sixth grade students at Ellis or the fifth graders at the elementaries. It was a make it or break it decision to be ready for the start of school," Matt Miller said.

And with the first bell at Holton scheduled to ring at eight o'clock Tuesday morning:

"We would like to be done with all the fine-tuning, there's no question about that, but no nerves as far as being ready for the first day of school” Matt Miller told us. “We're ready for Tuesday."

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