Pickleball popular in Albert Lea

Posted at: 09/02/2013 2:33 PM

"I started playing at 64," said Terry Adams of Albert Lea. 

It took him well into his 60's for Terry Adams start playing pickleball.

 Wait, pickleball? What's pickleball?
"It's a ping pong paddle, if you will. And you're playing with a hard, plastic ball. It's a wiffle ball with holes in it. It's played on a court, 20 by 44. It has a seven foot kitchen that you can't go in unless the ball bounces. So you play it somewhat similar to tennis," said Adams.

 The game has recently been picked up by an older crowd but that doesn't mean you have to be in your 60's to play.

 "I am getting slaughtered out here. They're really good at this sport," said pickleball player Drew Wescott.

 "You can get a good workout playing with someone younger or older, the ages really mix. And it's not totally a power game so that the strongest person necessarily doesn't dominate. There is a strength aspect to it but also a lot of finesse," said player Tom Dyrdal.

 Pickleball is a game of strategy and placement, which almost gives you ladies an upper hand when playing against the men.

 "Yeah we've got some gals that are probably better than most the guys out here," said Adams. 
 And you don't have to be a Serena Williams or a Roger Federer to join.

 "Well we've got teachers, we've got farmers, we've got preacher, we've got retired people, we've got all walks of life so to speak," said Adams.