Dead and Malnourished Cows Discovered

Posted at: 09/04/2013 6:19 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- It came from an anonymous call, a number of animals reportedly malnourished and even a couple were found dead.
A beef cattle farm at the 3000 block of 75th Street Southeast, south of Rochester, is now dealing with sheriff's deputies. They're being investigated for neglect after a passerby reported several cows were in very poor condition.
Deputies report three skeletons of cattle were found, a dead cow, and a dead calf. When deputies arrived, they said more than half of the roughly 70 cows were in poor condition. "Many of the herd that was involved did appear to be emaciated or at least underweight and that there was also several cows that were either dead or appeared that they were in the stages of dying," said Sgt. Tom Claymon with the Olmsted County Sheriff's Department.
The farmer admitted to us they were not in top shape, we asked why, and he said he feeds them corn stock which is in low supply this season and conditions have been pretty dry for his pasture. However, he says he's been working on it.
He also says he knew a cow was sick and believes the vet will find out it's not his fault.  After checking on the livestock the vet has to report back to the sheriff's department. They have until September 6th to get this taken care of.