Water Main Break Damages St. Anthony Main Buildings

Posted at: 09/05/2013 6:40 AM
Updated at: 09/05/2013 6:44 PM
By: Jennie Olson

Cleanup is under way on a major water main break in Minneapolis Thursday.

The main broke in the street near the St. Anthony Main complex around 4 a.m. The city says the line that broke is not a city water main and is the responsibility of the building owner.

The water flowed into the St. Anthony Main office complex and the historic buildings.

The water main has been located and shut off, but crews say the situation was serious. Water was gushing on the first floor and basement of one of the buildings, and police say Main Street was flooded when they arrived.

“It’s pretty substantial,” Business Owner Bill Neuenschwander said. “You can see water throughout the hallways flowing through here. It’s going to be very disruptive to this area.”

Authorities say there is extensive water damage to the buildings.